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 Your Beard, Our Passion 

The Dutchman Beard Company takes your beard seriously. We believe that a beard is more than a facial accessory; it is a part of who you are. That is why our mission is “Bringing Out the Best in Your Beard.” We believe that helping your beard reach its manly potential will make your life better. Win-win.

Beginning in 2019, our products quickly gained popularity for being all-natural, smelling great, and actually making a difference. We provide a safe and responsible way to nourish and enhance your beard by using only the highest quality and least processed ingredients available.

Our beard oils are gluten-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and all of our ingredients are locally sourced in our great home state of Wisconsin. What does that mean? It means that our products are as close to nature as they can be while still making a difference. Your beard will thank you for caring by growing longer, stronger, and easier to manage.

The Dutchman Beard Company takes pride in being part of the small business community. The best products are made when the creator is involved in the process. That is why each bottle of beard oil is handcrafted by The Dutchman himself. Our small batch production process ensures consistency and quality in each and every drop of our beard oil. Our products are so good that they can even be used for skin treatment, tattoo ointment, hair styling, and more!

What makes The Dutchman Beard Company different than other beard brands? Our natural oils condition your beard and the skin underneath using natural properties from organic ingredients to promote faster beard growth and beard hair health. Our locally sourced natural ingredients are unmatched in quality and effectiveness.

The Dutchman Beard Company beard oils are guaranteed to bring shine and luster to your facial hair and make your beard look its very best.

The Dutchman Beard Company

Bringing Out the Best in Your Beard

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